Clarification on Vocal Limits

Good evening,

To clarify a recent post about new vocal limits, the ability to send 8 sopranos and 8 altos per school only applies to SENIOR Auditions. The limit of 6 remains for Junior Auditions. We apologize for the confusion.

Senior Auditions Registration

Just a reminder that Senior Auditions Registration closes at the end of the day today. Tomorrow and Wednesday, you can still register your students, but a late fee will be added.

Any individual time change requests must be submitted by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Junior Jazz Audition Limit Change

The Executive Board recently voted to change instrument limits for Junior Jazz.  The handbook now reads:

Senior Jazz Auditions: There is a limit of 3 per instrument, and no more than 10 students 
may register or audition from each school.
Junior Jazz Auditions: There are no instrument limits for Junior Jazz.
Students auditioning for the Jazz Ensemble may double register for another instrumental audition but, agree that if they are accepted to the jazz ensemble the other audition will not count towards festival acceptability.
Senior accepted Jazz students second audition would be for consideration for another All-State recommendation.”

Upcoming Deadlines

Reminder that Senior Audition Registration closes Monday November 18. After that time, a late fee of $20 will be added to each audition. Auditions are November 23 at King Philip High School.

Junior Audition Registration closes December 2

Important Choral Audition Information

  1. For both the Senior and Junior vocal auditions, the sight-reading will be in the key of G major. 
  2. For the Senior vocal audition piece, “April Is In My Mistress’ Face”, there are slight discrepancies between the text underlay in the Alto part of the Hal Leonard edition by John Leavitt and the recording posted on the SEMMEA website. These occur in measures 2 and 13. Students will NOT be assessed on which text underlay they choose to sing. Adjudicators have been instructed that either way is acceptable.