Composition Contest

SEMMEA Composition Competition 2018

Looking forward to our another great year of new music, start writing your pieces now for this upcoming year’s competition.  We are very happy to have composer Roger Cichy to be our 2018 composition clinician.

It is the goal of the SEMMEA composition competition to offer the opportunity for students to engage in musical composition, share their pieces with others, and advance their compositional learning and craft.  Although, awards are given to the top 3 pieces, we hope that all students will involve themselves of the opportunity to come to our clinic.

The clinic for this upcoming year will take place at 5:00pm after rehearsals on Friday January 5th, 2018 at the Senior Festival at Bourne High School.  All those in a district group should make plans to be picked up by a parent or guardian at 6:30 after the clinic. Those students not in a performing group need to be driven to and from the clinic by a parent or guardian.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive recognition and awards just before the concert at the SEMMEA Senior District performance at Bourne High School on Saturday January 6th, 2018.  Student’s scores and score sheets are available for pickup at the clinic. Those that cannot attend will be emailed their score sheets after the clinic, but their musical scores will be discarded.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Students must be from a participating high school of the South Eastern District of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association.
  2. Students will present their pieces for adjudication at the SEMMEA senior district auditions at King Philip High School.
  3. Pieces can be in any style and for any instrumentation, but must be an original work created by the student.  Collaborations are accepted, however both students will need to pay the registration fee.
  4. All entrants must bring a full score and audio recording; midi representations are acceptable.  Scores will be kept until the clinic and discarded if you do not attend the clinic, so do not bring the only copy of your score.
  5. Pieces should be no longer than 10 Minutes.
  6. Midi recordings should be exported as an audio file and all recordings are best brought on a flash drive, though CD’s are fine.  Students should not play their piece from websites or from their own computers, Technology and internet issues may prevent proper playback.  A PDF of the score with the recording is helpful, but not required.
  7. Pieces need to be submitted in as detailed and accurate a score as possible.
  8. All pieces must be marked with the title and the student’s name, email, phone number, and school.
  9. All submissions will be judged according to the composition adjudication form below.  Although there is no requirement for style or genre of music, points are more easily awarded by the rubric to music in traditional forms.  There are no point values for production, lyrics, etc….  Due to this, some popular music styles, although brilliant and creative, would not yield as high a score as more traditional styles.

Registration Information

  1. Directors must register composition students with the other instrumentalists from the school.  These students should be registered as a composition audition by selecting composition in the fields marked for both group and instrument.
  2. These students will be registered for an audition time, just as other instrumentalists at the Senior Auditions at King Philip Regional High School.  For this audition, the students should come to the site with their score and recording, and be prepared to discuss their music.
  3. We encourage all students to submit pieces no matter what style or length, as any student who submits a piece is invited to attend our composition clinic.  There is no limit to the number of students that can submit pieces or attend the clinic.
  4. At the auditions students can meet the composition adjudicator at the registration desk or go right to the library and wait outside until called by the adjudicator.  At the festival clinic, upon arrival, students should follow the signs to the clinic room.
  5. Students may double register for composition and an instrument.
  6. Students that double register should plan to audition on their instrument first before doing their composition adjudication.

Composition Rubric

For more information contact

Joe Pondaco
71 Alden St. Duxbury MA 02332

We want to thank all the students who have submitted music to previous competitions. All of our student composers submitted great music. Below are recordings from previous winners and pictures from our previous clinics.

1st Place 2017
Fantasia, For Flute and Piano
Justin Moczynski – Hingham High School

1st Place 2016
Atlantic Tempest, For Full Orchestra
Justin Moczynski – Hingham High School

1st Place 2015
An Experiment, For Winds and Percussion
Jake O’Connor – Duxbury High School

1st Place 2014
Galavanting Through a Summer Wood,
For Wind Ensemble
Maria D’Ambrosio – Plymouth North High School

1st Place 2013
Twenty Feet Away, For Wind Ensemble
Alex Olsen – Foxboro High School

1st Place 2012
Untitled, for String Quartet
Rachel Walker – Sandwich High School

PictureComposition Clinic 2017 with composer John Mackey

PictureComposer Anthony DeRitis and students at the 2016 clinic.

PictureComposer Andrew Smith and students at the 2015 clinic.

Picture2014 Composition Clinic With Julia Scott Carey

Picture2013 Composition Clinic with Nathan Childers