Junior Festival Information

Host Letter and important Festival Information

2019-2020 Junior Concert Festival

Festival: March 13-14, 2019
Location: Falmouth HS & Falmouth Academy

  • Jazz Ensemble: Annie Fisk, Manager
  • Treble Chorus: Bill Richter, Manager
  • Mixed Chorus:  Dan Block, Manager
  • Concert Band:  Jeannie Gilbert, Manager
  • Orchestra:  Gail Columbo, Manager

Junior Audition Information

Auditions: December 7, Furnace Brook Middle School, Marshfield, MA
Online Registration: October 2-December 2
Late Registration ($15 + $20 Late fee): December 3-4

Audition Procedures

  • Each School will be assigned a time that will be known by your group director.
  • All requirements and regulations for auditions are listed on the District Web Site in the Handbook for directors to be printed out for students.


  • The Audition Fee per audition will be $15.  Checks should be made out to: Southeastern District – MMEA
  • After that, a Late Fee of $20 will be assessed along with your $15 fee at the auditions site for a total of $35.

Other Pertinent Information:

  • Directors, please review the Director’s Instructions page for complete registration instructions
  • All requirements and regulations for festivals are listed in the Host Letter and on the District Web Site for directors to be printed out for students.
  • Students MUST attend all rehearsals in order to perform in the concert. Students who fail to comply with this will not be allowed to audition the following year and All State Rec’s will be taken away.