2021 Junior Audition Requirements

***Junior Auditions will now be VIRTUAL.***


  • All videos must be submitted by midnight on January 7, 2022
  • Video Submission via Unlisted YouTube link or Shared Google Drive Link
  • Required Piece
  • 2 Major Scales and Chromatic (All Winds, Strings and Mallets)
    • No Chromatic for Strings or Mallets
    • Students must announce each scale before performing
  • No Sight Reading

Auditions Registration Portal – If you have previously registered a student, you will need to back to the registration portal and update each registration with a link to their audition video.

Revised Adjudication Forms

NOTE: Medical forms are no longer required to be submitted for participation in Festival. All medical information should be kept with the chaperone while on-site at the festival.

Registration will be open October 1 – January 7. Late Registrations will be accepted November 30 & December 1, with a $20 late fee.

Scales and Sight-Reading

UPDATE: There will be NO SIGHT READING for any instrument for 2021.

All Students will be required to perform a sight-reading selection.

Vocal Sight Reading:

  • Vocal Sight-reading for 2021 is G Major.
  • Will start and end on the tonic
  • Will include the first 5 pitches of the diatonic scale (do, re, mi, fa, so) as they fit the range of the voice part
  • Will be step wise motion
  • Will include half, quarter and eighth note rhythms.
  • Bass sight-reading is in bass clef

Winds/Strings/Percussion Scale Requirements:

  • Click here for scale sheets 
  • Students are reminded that required scale ranges are only valued as 1 point on the adjudication forms.
    • Trombone and baritone horn: The G scale will be accepted as 1 or 2 octave.

Percussion Requirements: **There is no multi-percussion requirement for 2021-2022

  • All Junior percussionists will be asked to demonstrate their playing ability on the following percussion instruments (Bass Drum, Cymbals, Triangle and Tambourine).
  • They must prepare the “Junior Multi-Percussion Audition” selection.

Snare Drum
Students should bring their own sticks and drum

  • Moderately closed roll with dynamics (ff > pp and pp < ff)
  • 5 and 9 stroke rolls alternating
  • 7 stroke roll, left hand
  • Flam accent
  • Flam Tap
  • Single and double paradiddles
  • Flam paradiddle

Vocal Tracks – “Cantate Domino (O Sing Ye To The Lord)”


All Tracks (ZIP Format)

Print-Friendly View

UPDATE: Judges will be advised to only listen to the first half of the required piece for winds, percussion and strings and jazz. Vocal will still be required to perform the entire piece.

Please note the “Required Scales” Column on the sheet below.