2023 Junior Audition Requirements

Audition Date: December 3, 2022, Furnace Brook Middle School, Marshfield

Junior Results are now Available in the Registration Portal.
Junior Cutoff Scores

NOTE: Due to a discrepancy in the snare drum requirements, we voided out the 2nd required rudiment. All students received zero points for that rudiment. We apologize for the confusion.

Audition Procedures

  • Each School will be assigned a time that will be known by your group director.
  • All requirements and regulations for auditions are listed on the District Web Site in the Handbook for directors to be printed out for students.
  • Registration will be open from October 1 – November 29. Late registrations will be accepted November 30 & December 1, with a $20 late fee


  • The Audition Fee per audition will be $15.  Checks should be made out to: Southeastern District – MMEA
  • After that, a Late Fee of $20 will be assessed along with your $15 fee at the auditions site for a total of $35.

10/12/22 – UPDATED Audition Requirements

  • Wind & Percussion students will only be required to prepare ½ of the required piece
    • If a piece is 2 pages long, only prepare the 2nd page
    • If a piece is 1 page long, only prepare the first half
    • See the full list below for further details
  • String Requirements are listed on the list at the bottom of the page.
  • Scales will be limited to C, F, Bb, G & D.
  • UPDATE: For instruments requiring a chromatic scale, we will accept the scale starting on ANY note, as long as it is at least one octave, ascending and descending, and ending on the same note started.
  • Sight Reading will still be required

Scales and Sight-Reading

All Students will be required to perform a sight-reading selection.

Vocal Sight Reading:

  • Will start and end on the tonic
  • Will include the first 5 pitches of the diatonic scale (do, re, mi, fa, so) as they fit the range of the voice part
  • Will be step wise motion
  • Will include half, quarter and eighth note rhythms.
  • Bass sight-reading is in bass clef

Winds/Strings/Percussion Scale Requirements:

  • Click here for scale sheets 
  • Students are reminded that required scale ranges are only valued as 1 point on the adjudication forms.
    • Trombone and baritone horn: The G scale will be accepted as 1 or 2 octave.

Percussion Requirements:

  • All Junior percussionists will be asked to demonstrate their playing ability on the following percussion instruments (Bass Drum, Cymbals, Triangle and Tambourine).
  • They must prepare the “Junior Multi-Percussion Audition” selection.

Snare Drum

  • 9 stroke rolls alternating
  • Single and double paradiddles


Jazz Solo Auditions:

Jazz Improvisation:

  • Improvisation is optional for Jr. Auditions.


  • In addition to the written solo, students will comp changes from assigned solo.

Jazz Drums:

  • In addition to the listed performance solo, drummers should prepare to play in a funk style, a swing style, and a bossa nova style.  These styles should be demonstrated in the format of four bars of time followed immediately by a four bar solo.  These pieces should demonstrate technical and musical control of the drum set.

Jazz Sax/Brass/Rhythm Scales: Same as the band audition requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jazz students may audition for another ensemble, with the understanding that if they are accepted in two groups, the only group they may participate in is Jazz.


Vocal Tracks – “Grant Me True Courage Lord”


Print-Friendly View

Please note the “Required Scales” Column on the sheet below.