This website is intended for the use of music teachers in Southeastern Mass communities. Students, parents, private teachers and other interested parties are welcome to use this site, however any questions you may have regarding SE District in your school should be directed to the appropriate music teacher.

Some reminders about Senior Auditions…

  1. Auditions are at King Philip Regional High School. 201 Franklin St, Wrentham, MA
  2. IMPORTANT – The time on your Principal’s form may be incorrect.  Please refer to this list for your school’s time.  Some times have changed from past years:
  3. Medical Forms are not required for students tomorrow.  They will only be required if the student makes festival
  4. Be sure to checkin your school as soon as you arrive.  Students can go immediately to designated warm-up areas while you checkin.
  5. Remember to return to the registration table to checkout and verify that all of your student scores have been submitted.
  6. Scores will be published sometime Saturday Evening.

Junior Vocal Sight-Reading

Here is some clarification on the Junior Vocal Sight-Reading Requirements:

  • 2017 – The sight reading will be in G major, 4/4 time, 4 measures long, will start and end on the tonic (G), and will include half notes, quarter notes, and eighth note rhythms