Senior Results are now available

Senior Results are now available in the registration portal.

Here are a few notes about how the scores look:

1.  On the vocal forms, the judges used the “Sight-reading” tab to evaluate vocal scales.
2.  For Instrumental and Strings, all sight-reading values were scored “0-Not Attempted”  Sight reading was not required this year.
3.  For any instrument that required a Db scale, it is indicated as C Major.  The option for Db was inadvertently missing from the score forms.
4.  For Jazz, Improvisation values were scored “0-Not Attempted”.  Improvisation was not required this year.
5. For Jazz, The modal scale was awarded 5 for all students, since it was not required.

Fall General Membership Meeting Information

From Bill Richter, District Chairperson:

Hello SEMMEA members!

I hope this finds you well rested and excited to get back to your students in whatever way your district decides is the most safe and effective. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what will come next and whether in-person music will happen this year. But I’m also optimistic that this will pass and great music will come back, maybe even better than it was before.

If this was a normal year we would be holding our annual General Meeting in early October. Because we can’t meet in person our membership meeting will be on Zoom on Tuesday, September 22nd at 5 pm. Please make every effort to join! In a following email you will see the meeting link from Jillian Griffin, your Past Chairperson.

Over the summer your District and State Boards have met several times in an attempt to plan for the ‘20-‘21 school year. Many of these discussions have been wonderful and the decisions we’ve made will effect you and your students this year. On the 22nd we will announce the calendar, introduce all the Managers, Assistant Managers, Concert Chairs, Officers, Staff, etc. We’ll lay out a revised format for auditions and festivals as well. I also hope to engage you in thoughtful conversation about how we can offer a lively, attractive and meaningful festival experience for our top priority – the students we serve. Equally I hope we can find a vehicle for supporting each other through these difficult times.

I hope to see you on the 22nd!

Bill Richter
SEMMEA District Chairperson

2020 Junior Festival Cancellation

Due to the ongoing Pandemic and Social Distancing requirements, the executive board voted to cancel the rescheduled 2020 Junior Festival. We will be be providing information about the 2020-2021 festival season soon.