Jazz Information

Senior Jazz Information

Jazz Solo Auditions:

  • See Auditions Requirements List
  • Students will NOT be required to perform solo with recording (minus soloist with rhythm section only).  Drummers be sure to prepare the transcription, not the lead sheet.

Jazz Improvisation:

  • Students will be asked to improvise over changes in Solo Audition Piece


  • In addition to the written solo, students will comp changes from assigned solo.   Be prepared to comp a standard blues progression and a ii-V-I  progression in keys up to and including 4 sharps and 4 flats.

Jazz Drums:

  • Students must bring their own drumset to auditions.  In addition to the listed performance solo, drummers should prepare to play in a funk style, a swing style, and a bossa nova style.  These styles should be demonstrated in the format of four bars of time followed immediately by a four bar solo.  These pieces should demonstrate technical and musical control of the drum set.

Jazz Scales and Sight Reading Requirements

Jazz Sax/Brass 

  • -Scales: Same as the band audition requirements (All-State Jazz Scales, no minor scales) including modes.
  • Sight reading
  • Range check (Trumpets Only): See bottom of the page. (will not be scored)

Jazz Piano/Guitar/Vibes 

Jazz Bass 

Jazz Drums 

  • Sight Reading

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jazz students may audition for another ensemble, with the understanding that if they are accepted in two groups, the only group they may participate in is Jazz.  The other ensemble accepted would be for an All-State Recommendation only, if applicable.