2022 Senior Audition Requirements

Audition Date: November 19, 2022, King Philip HS

  • Audition Registration Portal
  • Cutoff Scores
  • Senior Audition Times
  • Student Time Change Request
  • Onsite Registration Principal’s Form​
  • Adjudication Forms 
  • NOTE: Medical forms are no longer required to be submitted for participation. All medical information should be kept with chaperone while on-site for the festival.

Audition Procedures

  • Registration will be open from October 1 – November 15. Late registrations will be accepted November 16-17, with a $20 late fee.
  • Each School will be assigned a time that will be known by your group director.
  • All requirements and regulations for auditions are listed on the District Web Site in the Handbook for directors to be printed out for students.


  • The Audition Fee per audition will be $15.  Checks should be made out to: Southeastern District – MMEA
  • After that, a Late Fee of $20 will be assessed along with your $15 fee at the auditions site for a total of $35.

Scales and Sight-Reading

All Instruments will have a sight-reading requirement

Vocal Sight Reading

  • Vocal sight-reading for 2022 is
  • Will start and end on the tonic
  • Will include all pitches of the diatonic scale as they fit the range of the voice part
  • Will include steps and intervals of a third
  • Could include whole, half, quarter and eighth notes, including rests and dotted rhythms
  • Bass sight-reading is in bass clef.

Scale Information

  • Please visit the All-State page for scale information
  • Minor Scales are not required.  Vocalists will not have to perform scales.

Percussion Requirements

Multi-Percussion Requirement (required for all percussionists):

  • Students will be judged on not only on how they play the different percussion instruments (timpani will need to be tuned) at each station but also on how they count the beats or measures between each written part. Students should take note of the setup of the different stations suggested by the author and should bring sufficient copies of music for each station and the mallets needed to play at those stations. Triangle and tambourine are provided.

Snare Drum Rudiments

Students should bring their own drum and sticks.

  • Moderately closed roll with dynamics (ff > pp and pp < ff)
  • 5 and 9 stroke rolls alternating
  • 7 stroke roll, left hand
  • Flam accents #1 and #2
  • Single and double paradiddles
  • Ruff
  • Triple ratamacue
  • Flamacue


Students should bring their own mallets.

  • Single stroke roll with dynamics (ff > pp and pp < ff)
  • Tuning timpani to required pitches

Required Audition Pieces

Vocal – “My Heart is Offered Still To You”


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