Junior Audition Results

Thank you to all that auditioned for Junior Festival, and congratulations to all the students that were accepted. Results are now available in the registration portal. Click here for cutoff scores.

When printing score sheets, be sure to check off “include background colors” and/or “include background images”. This will ensure that the boxes on the rubric show what was scored.

For those students accepted into a mixed or treble choir, rehearsal tracks will be posted shortly to help students prepare their music.

Senior Cutoffs

Thank you to all that auditioned for Senior Festival, and congratulations to all the students that were accepted. Please click here for cutoff scores. Students, please see your director for your score.

Clarification on Vocal Limits

Good evening,

To clarify a recent post about new vocal limits, the ability to send 8 sopranos and 8 altos per school only applies to SENIOR Auditions. The limit of 6 remains for Junior Auditions. We apologize for the confusion.

Senior Auditions Registration

Just a reminder that Senior Auditions Registration closes at the end of the day today. Tomorrow and Wednesday, you can still register your students, but a late fee will be added.

Any individual time change requests must be submitted by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Junior Jazz Audition Limit Change

The Executive Board recently voted to change instrument limits for Junior Jazz.  The handbook now reads:

Senior Jazz Auditions: There is a limit of 3 per instrument, and no more than 10 students 
may register or audition from each school.
Junior Jazz Auditions: There are no instrument limits for Junior Jazz.
Students auditioning for the Jazz Ensemble may double register for another instrumental audition but, agree that if they are accepted to the jazz ensemble the other audition will not count towards festival acceptability.
Senior accepted Jazz students second audition would be for consideration for another All-State recommendation.”