Senior Band Piano Audition

The Senior Band is in need of a piano player for this year’s program.  If you have a student that is interested in auditioning, we will be using the attached piano selection from Revelry.  You will need to register piano audition students along with your other students.  In addition to the required piece, students will be required to perform sight-reading and all major scales.  Use the attached All-State Scales document for reference on how the scales should be played.  (Note:  This is for reference only.  All major scales are required, but minors and modes are not.  Also Chromatic is not required)

Revelry – Piano

UPDATE: Students auditioning for piano may audition for another ensemble.  However, if the student is accepted on both piano and another ensemble, the student will be placed in the concert band on piano.  The student may only receive and All-State recommendation on the other instrument in which he/she auditioned.