Virtual Junior Audition Requirements

1/26 – Audition Results are now posted in the Registration Portal

Cutoff Scores

Junior Virtual Festival – March 13, 2021

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Junior Scale Sheets

Details of the Junior Festival will be available soon.

We are modifying our procedures so that we avoid any mixups with video submissions. Please follow the instructions below:

Virtual Audition Procedures

  • There are no Vocal or Instrumental limits for this year only.
  • NEW – Students will be required to record and submit an UNEDITED video of themselves performing a predetermined length of the required piece and required scales. All Video Submissions must be submitted as Unlisted YouTube links or a Google Drive link (be sure permissions are set to “anyone with the link can view”).
  • Details about individual audition pieces as well as how much of an excerpt is required, can be found below on the junior audition list.
  • All video files must be saved in the following format (please note variations depending on instrument group):
    • schoolcode_lastname_firstname_instrument (no spaces)
      • 476b_Collins_John_TenorSax
      • 476b_Collins_John_JazzTenor
      • 476b_Collins_John_VocalTenor
  • At the start of the recording, students should state their name and instrument. Students shall at no time mention their school name or wear school-identifying clothing during the audition video. 
  • Students may use whatever video recording device they have available to record their audition (Smartphone, laptop, Chromebook, DSLR Camera, etc)
  • All requirements and regulations for auditions are listed on the District Web Site in the Handbook for directors to be printed out for students.
  • Vocalists must sing along with the appropriate voice part recording.  Students will sing in unison with the recorded voice part track playing in their headphones.
    • If a student does not have a second device to play the part track, they may audition without the part track as long as they start on the correct first pitch.


  • The Audition Fee per audition will be $15.  All payments should come from the school/director only in one mailing.  Students may give their audition payment to their director and all checks should be mailed at once or paid by one check.  Checks should be made out to: Southeastern District – MMEA and mailed to:
      BRIDGEWATER, MA 02324


  • All Instrumentalists will be required to perform 2 scales and a chromatic scale. Please visit the Junior Scales page for scale information. Students must play the required scales, as indicated on the Audition List.

Percussion Requirements

There is NO Multi-Percussion requirement this year.

Snare Drum

Students may choose any 2 rudiments that adequately demonstrate their ability.

  • Moderately closed roll with dynamics (ff > pp and pp < ff)
  • 5 and 9 stroke rolls alternating
  • 7 stroke roll, left hand
  • Flam accent
  • Flam Tap
  • Single and double paradiddles
  • Flam paradiddle


  • Single stroke roll with dynamics (ff > pp and pp < ff)
  • Tuning timpani to required pitches

Vocal Tracks – Since First I Saw Your Face – SATB

Individual Voice Tracks

Since First I Saw Your Face – Soprano
Since First I Saw Your Face – Alto
Since First I Saw Your Face – Tenor
Since First I Saw Your Face – Bass

Since First I Saw Your Face, All Files (ZIP)

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