Senior Festival Information

2018-2019 Festival Information

Concert: January 11-12, 2019
Location: Canton High School

  • Jazz Ensemble:  Arthur Falbush, Conductor; John Piazza, Manager
  • Percussion Ensemble:  Matt MacMullen, Manager
  • Chorus:  Julia Brasher Thorn, Conductor; Jeremy Young, Manager
  • Concert Band:  Frank Battisti, Conductor; Jill Noerenberg, Manager
  • Orchestra:  Nick Tatarka, Manager

Senior Auditions

Auditions: November 17, 2018; King Philip HS – 201 Franklin Street, Wrentham, MA 02093
Online Registration: October 2-November 13
Late Registration ($15 + $20 Late fee): November 14 & 15

Audition Procedures

Audition Dates:

  • Each School will be assigned a time that will be known by your group director.
  • All requirements and regulations for auditions are listed on the District Web Site in the Handbook for directors to be printed out for students.


  • The Audition Fee per audition will be $15.  Checks should be made out to: Southeastern District – MMEA
  • After that, a Late Fee of $20 will be assessed along with your $15 fee at the auditions site for a total of $35.

Other Pertinent Information:

  • All requirements and regulations for festivals are listed in the Host Letter and on the District Web Site for directors to be printed out for students.
  • Students MUST attend all rehearsals in order to perform in the concert. Students who fail to comply with this will not be allowed to audition the following year and All State Rec’s will be taken away.

Registration Instructions (Directors Only)

Audition Registration Site

​Registration Login Screen

  • Type in your school code as the “user” and the assigned password in “UPPERCASE” letters.  To insure security keep this password in a safe place.

School Information Screen:

  • Please check  all your school and music faculty information for accuracy(ie: address, phone, fax, staff and e-mail) so please have it with you at the computer. Information can be edited or changed each time you enter the internet registration site.
  • Directors will need to enter their current NAFME membership number with exp. date when updating their school information… if directors need help, email

Registration Screen

  • You will be entering one student name at a time, make sure you select the correct grade, group and voice/instrument from the pull down menus
  • The “Commit Changes” button will enter your student into the data base. Then click the “add student” button to enter another student.  You may go back and make any changes you wish up until the registration deadline.
  • The Principal Signature Printout and fees or separate PO should be brought to the Sr. auditions.

Bring the following Items on the Audition Day

  • All Registered Principal Signature Print Out from the computer signed by your Principal/Headmaster.
  • One check for all student registration fees ($15 per student audition)
  • If you are paying the aud. Fees by PO download a summary bill from the district web site and fill in your information and send a copy to your billing dept. and bring a copy of the form with a PO # to the audition site.