Jazz Information

Junior Jazz Audition Requirements

Jazz Solo Auditions:
  • See Audition List for Jazz Solo requirement
  • Students do not need to play with the recording.  Drummers be sure to prepare the transcription, not the lead sheet.  Students may transpose any portion of the melody either up or down one octave to accommodate range.
    NOTE: Students will not be required to play with the recording, only while doing the improvisation.

Jazz Improvisation:

  • Students will be asked to improvise over changes in Solo audition piece.  IMPROVISATION IS NOT REQUIRED FOR AUDITION. Students will be assessed and given feedback in this area, however it will not be added into the final tabulation. Improvisation scores may be used to assist the director in assigning parts within the ensemble.

Guitar/bass/piano & vibes:

  • In addition to the written solo, students will comp changes from assigned solo.   Be prepared to comp a standard blues progression and a ii-V-I  progression in keys up  to and including 3 sharps and 3 flats.  Comping is described as performing in appropriate rhythmic style to the chord progressions, using a variety of jazz voicings of chords in the progression.

Jazz Drums:

  • Students are required to bring their own drumsets.  In addition to the listed performance solo, drummers should prepare to play in a funk style, a swing style, and a bossa nova style.  These styles should be demonstrated in the format of four bars of time followed immediately by a four bar solo.  These pieces should demonstrate technical and musical control of the drum set.


  • All students will play two major scales in keeping with the required list for their instrument, a two octave chromatic scale, and a Bb or F concert Blues Scale. Rhythm section instruments do not have to play a chromatic scale.
  • Brass players may be asked to demonstrate their range capabilities to help with part assignments.

All Jazz Players:

  • Sight Reading will be required

Other considerations
Important update for Jr. Jazz: Limit of no more than 3 per instrument and 10 per school for registration on Jr. Jazz

Students will audition on the same day as Band, Orchestra, and Chorus try-outs. Jazz students may audition for jazz and one other ensemble, but must agree that the jazz ensemble will be their preference if accepted.